13 Fun 13-Word Excerpts for Friday the 13th (Post by Anna)

13 Fun 13-Word Excerpts for Friday the 13th (Post by Anna)

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Friday13thNever one to bow to superstition, I take any Friday the 13th as an opportunity for fun. Black cats? My little guy is white and orange. Ladders? I avoid them anyway, whenever possible. That’s what handymen are for! J So, just to flout this feared day, I present 13 fun, spooky, and sexy excerpts—13 words apiece—from my books, current and upcoming. Enjoy!

How do you handle Friday the 13th? Share your thoughts in a comment.

13 Thirteen-Word Excerpts

Note: Okay, you caught me, these aren’t all exactly 13 words; just try finding 13 excerpts that are precisely 13 words long! A few are a smidge more or less.

A long dash like this “—” within an excerpt indicates a paragraph break.

  1. Tempted by a Kiss. We were about to rocket past a line, and all I could think was…Faster.
  2. Reborn to Avenge. “I’d understand if you regret being with me. I am a formerly mummified…creature.”
  3. Reborn to Burn. “You cannot die on me.” — “Blood loss doesn’t mix well with blunt-force trauma, but I’ll try.”
  4. Reborn to Die. She felt warm all of a sudden, and tingly. Damn, did male flesh always have this effect on her?
  5. Willpower. “I know you can see me.” — Of course she could see him. Everyone could. Right?
  6. Intuition. “I’ve dreamed about you begging me to do all sorts of things, but napping wasn’t one of them.”
  7. The Falls. “Stop calling me darling and love.” — “Whatever you say, dearest.”
  8. Dangerous in a Kilt. “Your dog seems to like me.” — “His name is Casey, and he’s easier than a drunk hooker.”
  9. Fired Up. “Unless you want to see me without this towel, Mel, you better leave.”
  10. Heart of Danger. “I’m your kidnap victim.” — “Victim?” He snorted. “You swooned into my arms.” [Note: This excerpt is from an ongoing serialized story that appears in my newsletter.]
  11. The Mortal Falls. “Bullets in my brain might slow me down a bit, but I would heal.” — “Good to know.”
  12. Reborn to Conquer. “Vahl may be gone, but the curse is alive. It will hunt us all.”
  13. Untitled Highland time travel romance. Time does not unfold in a straight path into the future, but rather as twisting, sinuous threads that slip, curve back around, or snap altogether—a lesson Alexa Candlish learned the hard way.

Yes, forgive me, that last one is way longer than 13 words. I couldn’t help myself! I’ve written the opening line of my work-in-progress, my first historical romance, and I had to share it.

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