My 3 Favorite Supernatural Sex Symbols (post by Anna)

My 3 Favorite Supernatural Sex Symbols (post by Anna)

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My 3 Favorite Supernatural Sex Symbols

by Anna

October 30, 2015

Can you handle the heat and spooky sex appeal? Then read on…

Halloween brings out the monster wannabes encased in rubber zombie masks or wearing fake fangs with faux blood dripping from their lips, but their antics fall short of satisfying our need for hot paranormal men. These guys don’t exist in real life (as far as I know!). They haunt our dreams, even if we fear them. Some are good guys tormented by events beyond their control, and others are bad guys who just need a little TLC to become heroes. At least that’s the fantasy—changing a baddie into a champion, thanks to some feminine wiles.

Paranormal romance grants us the fantasy. Our would-be hero may need some work before achieving valiant status, but in the end he always gets there—with the help of a spunky heroine who sees the good in him. In the spirit of Halloween and paranormal romance, I bring you my list of the three hottest supernatural sex symbols in print, whether they wield fangs or magic spells.

  1. SM-dracula-langellaDracula. Of course Drac comes first on the list. He is the seminal paranormal man-monster, a seducer of innocent young women and murderer of anyone who gets in his way or crosses his path when he’s hungry. Bram Stoker’s character has spawned multiple industries built around vampires reminiscent of Dracula—books, movies, TV series, Halloween costumes. Bela Lugosi gave us the landmark interpretation of Dracula on film in 1931, but I love Frank Langella’s suave, steamy Drac from the 1979 movie version. My favorite line, spoken with perfect pitch by Langella: “I don’t drink…wine.” He doesn’t get the girl, but Dracula is the preeminent villain all the girls secretly want to run away with—even if he bites them!
  2. Adam Black. Meet the exiled fae, used to seducing his way into whatever he wants. He appears in several of the books in Karen Marie Moning’s Highland romance series, but in The Immortal Highlander he gets his happy ending at last. Until this book, Adam had been a trickster, disobeying the fae queen’s orders but never getting the girl. Then he meets a woman who knows all about his reputation as a seducer and wants nothing to do with him. Naturally, fate brings them together and our naughty Adam must choose whether one woman is worth the cost of becoming a hero.
  3. Sebastian Wroth. Anyone who reads my newsletter knows I’m addicted to Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark series. I adore all her heroes (and heroines), but Sebastian from No Rest for the Wicked stands out for me. He’s not a seducer or a villain. He’s a good guy, a scholar lacking any finesse with the ladies. He never wanted to become a vampire, but his brothers foisted it on him to save his life, desperate to keep their family together. Sebastian has eschewed pretty much all contact with other beings, of any ilk, including his brothers—until the Valkyrie Kaderin storms his castle intent on killing him. It’s nothing personal, she hates all “leeches.” But it turns out she’s Sebastian’s fated bride and once he realizes this, the introverted vamp sets out to prove his mettle to Kaderin. Smart guys are

Which paranormal hunks would be on your list? I’d love to hear your choices, so please share them in a comment below.

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