A New Beginning in Every Book (post by Anna, Highway Cafe Spring ‘Tastic Blog Hop)

A New Beginning in Every Book (post by Anna, Highway Cafe Spring ‘Tastic Blog Hop)

Posted by on Apr 24, 2017 in Anna's Posts, Blog Hops | 9 comments

Spring has arrived…sort of. Here in Upper Michigan, we’ve been bouncing back and forth between spring and winter, but I prefer to focus on the green grass sprouting in spite of the ping-ponging weather. With May just days away, it’s time to think about what spring means. To me, it signifies new beginnings.

As a romance writer, I create new beginnings with every book I write. A romance, after all, ends with a new beginning — a love rediscovered or finally acknowledged, by a couple committed to making that happily ever after come true. I enjoy the happy ending, but no new beginning comes out of nowhere. My characters have to earn it through emotional suffering that forces them to reevaluate their lives. The same is true in real life. We often can’t achieve a fresh start without coming to terms with how we got to the point where we need one.

In springtime, the earth itself seeks a new start after a winter of hibernation. Shoots struggle to break out and find the sunshine, eventually blossoming into beautiful flowers and verdant, green leaves. Spring is my favorite time of year for this reason. I love watching new life emerge after the gloom of winter has faded.

That’s also why I love romances, as both a reader and a writer. Every book takes us through the seasons of a relationship, until we finally break out into the sunshine of a new beginning.

What do you new beginnings mean to you?

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