Coins & Ozone: The Unexpected Origins of a Romance Novel (post by Anna)

Coins & Ozone: The Unexpected Origins of a Romance Novel (post by Anna)

Posted by on May 12, 2017 in Anna's Posts, Behind the Book |

Ever wonder how much truth goes into a romance novel? It depends on the story and the writer, of course, and the nature of the story. Take my newest romance, The Mortal Falls. The story involves elemental beings, shapeshifters, and a parallel world of magic. How much of this is based in fact? You might be surprised.

Here I list just a few of the elements found in this novel and the real-world inspiration for each.

Nevan smells like thunderstorms. Can you really smell thunderstorms? Yes, you can. A 2012 article from Scientific American describes the unique scents associated with rain and storms, including the sweet scent of ozone. When I made my hero Nevan an air elemental, I realized the scent of an oncoming storm would be the perfect attribute to ascribe to him. It’s exotic, unusual, and entirely natural.

Janus, the two-faced god. This comes straight of Roman mythology. Janus was the god of doorways, transitions, and beginnings and endings. On coins, he was depicted as having two faces, each turned in a different direction; however, he could also be shown as having four faces, one for each of the cardinal directions. I made up the term Janusite, but it originated from real Roman legends.

The healing vortex. Nope, I didn’t make this one up. In fact, here in my home region in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, we have our very own healing vortex. Unlike the one in my book, the supposedly real one has no stone benches around; instead, it has gnarly trees and stone faces embedded in the ground. To see photos of the real vortex, subscribe to my newsletter to receive a free copy of the ebook Scenes from the Unseen, exclusively for newsletter fans.

The Mortal Fires, the second book in the Undercover Elementals series, features even more science- and legend-inspired elements. Ancient Irish history becomes important too. I’m currently writing this book, so please sign up for my newsletter to receive updates on all my works-in-progress.

Photo courtesy of the NOAA Photo Library via Wikimedia Commons.

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