Release Party, Part 5: My Favorite Steamy Excerpt (post by Anna)

Release Party, Part 5: My Favorite Steamy Excerpt (post by Anna)

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Grab your copy of Dangerous in a Kilt now!

Welcome back! The release party concludes with an excerpt from my favorite scene in Dangerous in a Kilt. And for the final giveaway, everyone worldwide can enter for a chance to win one of five e-copies of Tempted by a Kiss — my first erotic romance, released last December.

After being a bit rude to Lachlan, due to a case of mistaken identity at the club where they met, Erica apologizes with homemade brownies — and Lachlan introduces her to Scotch whisky.


He opened the bottle and poured us both a measure of whisky. His fingers nudged mine when he handed me a glass and a charge arced through me.

I cleared my throat. “Is there a certain way to drink it?”

“For a whisky virgin, I don’t recommend guzzling it like you did last night.”

“Good advice.” I rolled the glass between my hands, admiring the rich, caramel tones revealed by the sunlight glimmering through the whisky. I raised the glass to sniff it. Oh my lord. Smoky, sweet, with a hint of earthiness. I shut my eyes and inhaled a longer draft.

“Can you smell the sea and mountains?”

“Yes.” I drew out the word, lost in the aromas. “Mmm, that and so much more.”

“Have a sip.”

I tipped the glass, letting the whisky slide past my lips. A splash of flavors spilled over my tongue. Fruity, toasted, spicy, with a touch of honey. I let the whisky slide down in a languid swallow. A burst of pepper startled my eyes open, but then the spice melted into a warm, sweet finish. I moaned, my eyes drifting half shut.

“You like it then?” Lachlan’s voice had gone hoarse.

I parted my lids to drink him in too—the hooded eyes, the stormy heat in his pale irises, and the way his tongue skirted the edge of his upper lip. “I enjoyed it, yes.”

His fingers delved between mine, stroking my palm while his thumb rubbed the heel of my hand. “I like the way you enjoy whisky. Makes me imagine that same look on your face when I take your body.”

Dying to know what happens next? You can grab your copy of Dangerous in a Kilt for just $0.99, now through December 31. After that, the price goes back to normal, at $4.99.

Thank you so much for participating in the release party.

I wish you a heartfelt Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Grab your copy of Dangerous in a Kilt now!

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