Dare to Love a Spy by Debra Elizabeth (book review)

Dare to Love a Spy by Debra Elizabeth (book review)

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I always enjoy a good historical romance and look forward to discovering new authors in the genre, so I was happy to have the chance to read Dare to Love a Spy by Debra Elizabeth. I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.



The story involves spies, royalty, and romance — all things I love. Camden, the Duke of Wetherby, is a spy for his government. When his close friend and fellow spy is murdered, he has to ferret out the killer without getting killed himself. Hannah has just come out for her first season on the marriage mart, but she really doesn’t want to get married. Until, of course, she meets the sexy duke.

Though there’s an undeniable attraction from the start, Camden resists Hannah because of his dangerous occupation. She can’t understand how he can kiss her and then run away, but being a spunky girl (my favorite kind!), she keeps trying to solve the mystery that is the duke. I liked how she was nosy and kept trailing Camden out of ballrooms to find out why he followed other women into shadowy gardens (his job, of course). Her innocent, if fervent, curiosity made her all the more endearing. I also felt for Camden, who struggled with his desire for a normal life and love while pursuing a killer.

All in all, Dare to Love a Spy is a charming love story with an intriguing mystery to boot, and I recommend it to any fans of historical romance.

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About Dare to Love a Spy

sm-mediakit_bookcover_daretoloveaspyMiss Hannah Richardson is enjoying a Season in London. She’s not looking for a husband, at least not this Season. She wants to enjoy herself before settling down to married life. All that changes, however, when she sees the Duke of Wetherby. He’s tall, dark and impossibly handsome and someone Hannah wants to get to know better.

Camden Darkin, the Duke of Wetherby, is not fond of attending soirees, dinners or balls, but his latest mission for the Crown demands he mingle with the ton. He has vowed never to marry because of his dangerous work and the constant bevy of beauties anxious mothers throw into his path is not tempting him in the least. That is, until he meets Hannah Richardson, a young woman unlike any other he’s ever met. Can he learn to love or will his hardened heart rob him of the very thing he needs the most.


Camden descended the stairs leading into the garden and kept to the shadows as he moved closer to the couple. He had to make sure that Charles was safe. Just as he was about to turn the corner and spy on them, a sound alerted him that he was not alone in stalking Charles and Lady Sargent. He turned, ready to defend himself and Charles, if necessary, only to be confronted by Miss Richardson. What was she doing in the garden? She could easily foil the opportunity for Charles to get answers from Lady Sargent. He did the only thing he could think of.

He pulled the delectable Miss Richardson into his arms.

Her eyes flashed and she opened her mouth to protest, but before she uttered a sound, his lips captured hers. The kiss was hard and demanding, and when he teased his tongue across her lips, they parted, inviting him in.

He deepened the kiss, and his tongue swept over hers as he explored every inch of her exquisite mouth. He wanted to keep on kissing her all night, but he heard Charles and Lady Sargent whispering as they headed back into the parlor. He reluctantly broke the kiss and set Hannah back on her feet.

She stood dazed, staring at him while she got her bearings back. He was about to apologize for his impetuous kiss when she slapped him hard across the face. “How dare you?” she choked out. “You wicked man.”

Camden rubbed the sting on his cheek. “That’s quite the slap; certainly not something I’m used to. My apologies, Miss Richardson, but tell me this—if you didn’t want me to kiss you, why did you follow me into the garden?”

Hannah’s entire being was burning with indignation, her cheeks a flaming red and her lips swollen from his kiss. She was irresistible. He wanted to kiss her again, but did not relish the idea of another slap. He waited for her answer, but none was forthcoming.

“Just as I thought. You crave wickedness and wanted me to kiss you. Perhaps it would be prudent for you to return to the other guests now. Unless, of course, you’d like me to kiss you again? Is that why you’re still out here in the garden?”

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Debra Elizabeth is the romance pen name for fantasy author Debra L. Martin. She has been writing stories since her teens and decided to finally publish her romance stories under a pen name so as not to confuse her fantasy fans. She publishes epic and urban fantasy under her true name with her co-author and brother, David W. Small. A full list of all of her books can be found at her blog, Two Ends of the Pen.

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