Debra Doggett (New Author Interview)

Debra Doggett (New Author Interview)

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Please tell us something unique about you we can’t learn from your bio.

It’s more of a dream I have. I have this unspoken desire to do stand-up comedy. I’ve done a number of comedic roles in theatre and always include humor in my writing. There’s still a part of me, however, that would love to do an actual stand-up routine in front of an audience. Maybe one day I’ll get up the nerve.

What’s your favorite part of writing?

Dialogue. I love writing conversations. I also love working out a problem within the story.

Do you make up settings or use real places and why?

Real places are always a starting point for me, even if I rename them in the story. Having somewhere real helps give me solid visuals so I write better descriptions. I’ve used actual places without renaming them in a few of my stories because that provided better background.

If you could live in one of your stories, which one would you choose and why?

I would choose Training Tessa. The opportunity to live in Renaissance Italy would be amazing. There’s a lot about it that would be scary being a woman, but much that would appeal to me. The artists, the search for beauty, those things would be incredible.

Do you have any plans to branch out into other genres?

I’m working on a couple of contemporary romances now and would love to get into that genre.

About Training Tessa

Training TessaMeretessa Brexiano believes in love. Her heart yearns for a true bond with the man she weds. She also believes she can change her fate. Refusing the marriage her father has arranged, she strikes a bargain with a man she hopes can teach her the art of seduction. Nicolo da Parma is a businessman with a reputation as a connoisseur of women. Their sensuality is the palette he has painted on since his youth. This time, however, he may have struck a bargain which costs more than he planned. Training Tessa might be the greatest challenge to his own heart Nicolo’s ever had.


His words sounded dangerous, forbidden and a tiny voice of warning screamed in her head. The voice sounded like her mother.

“That sounds sinful and…”

“Intriguing? Sensual? Did you think, dear Tessa, that all the priests and all the mothers the world over
denied a woman joy in her marriage bed because it is something she would not want anyway? What reason would there be to forbid something if it was painful or without pleasure? No, lady, the fruit is forbidden because of the pleasure its taste brings to those who indulge, to those who give in to temptation.”

“Why would pleasure be wrong? That makes no sense.”

“It makes perfect sense.”

He leaned back and Tessa realized she didn’t know if that made her feel better or worse. Having him near made her dizzy and breathless, but not having him near made her want to move close again. She tried to focus on his words instead of the way the emerald pools of his eyes beckoned.

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I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember.  Being a writer is more than something I do.  It is the way I see the world, the way I process it.  I believe in the power of stories.  They make us smile, make us think and give us untold moments of enjoyment. My stories come from the landscape around me and the worlds I build in my head.  I am proud to be a storyteller, and I hope my work leaves you both satisfied and entertained.

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