Glass Hearts by Renee Lovins (Book Spotlight)

Glass Hearts by Renee Lovins (Book Spotlight)

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Glass Hearts (Book Spotlight)

by Renee Lovins

November 29, 2015

Love is a choice you make.

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Ember Verre is about to follow her dream — cooking school in Paris. When tragedy strikes her family, she walks away from her goals to be there for them.

Ring Jordan has it all, great friends, great parents, and is working on his MBA. When his father unexpectedly dies, he drops everything to go home, not expecting to stay.

Struggling to be everything for her family, the last thing Ember expects is to run into her one night stand, the guy she would have loved to have met in Paris. Ring is trying to pick up the pieces of his dad’s crumbling legacy, and is shocked to run into the girl he can’t forget. While they lean on each other to get through this rough patch in their lives, will they choose to let love shine, or keep their fragile hearts safe and alone?


Dancing and feeling his eyes on her body set her blood on fire, and she wondered if he tasted like cinnamon. That thought made her blink and pull back. He looked at her, a touch of disappointment on his face.

“Break?” she offered, trying to get control of both her heart and her breath.

He nodded and followed her off the floor. Before they got back to the bar, he snagged a small booth and pulled her into it.

“Stop me if you don’t want this, but I’ve been dying to know if you taste like whiskey since you drank that shot.”

A thrill of elation shot through her, and his mouth moved towards hers, giving her plenty of time to pull away. She leaned forward and captured his lips with hers.

He tasted of salt, smoky whiskey, and ginger, another favorite spice. She deepened the kiss, marveling at her own impetuousness.

Hands wrapped around her waist, pulling her close to him, her breasts smashing against his chest. Well as much as her supportive lingerie would let them.

The sweet burn of need made the kiss even better. When the ache in her lungs, which begged for oxygen, overwhelmed the pleasure, she pulled back.

Looking up into his dilated eyes, she felt the rapid rise and fall of his chest. Ember smiled. It felt different on her face. She felt confident, sure of herself. Sure that he wanted her. And she wanted him.

The temptation to ask why hovered on her tongue, but she pushed it away. No sense in ruining her enjoyment.

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Renee is a native California who somehow ended up marriage to a Georgia boy. Living in Atlanta she works way to much, commutes too many hours a day, and writes instead of cleaning the house.  With one husband, three cats, and a pile of to be read books, she keeps awaiting the apocalypse, because then she might have time to catch up.  When she isn’t writing original stuff, she falls back to her old love, Buffy Fanfiction, and she still posts occasionally.

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