Mariah Ankenman (Author Interview)

Mariah Ankenman (Author Interview)

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Mariah Ankenman

Author Interview

July 5, 2016

Please tell us something unique about you we can’t learn from your bio.

I was once struck by lighting. As a child I was out biking with a friend. The sky was clear and blue when all of a sudden there was a bright light and deafening sound. My friend had to stay in the hospital for a few days and I had a zipper burn on my chest from my jacket for about a week, but everyone was ok. You could say the experience was quite shocking. (Lol, I’m sorry, but I had to)


What inspired you to write romance fiction?

The thing I love most about the romance fiction genre is that you always get a happily ever after. The story may be sweet, spicy, scary or any number of amazing thing, but you go in knowing that happiness is always the outcome. In life, we so rarely get a happy ending so I like to provide that for people. I like the escapism of knowing everything will turn out right in the end, if only for the brief moment of a story.


Do you make up settings or use real places and why?

I make up setting based on real places I have been. Peak Town is a fictional little town high in the Rocky Mountains based on the small mountain town I grew up in. I do sometimes use real setting if the area is bigger such as Aspen or Denver.


Which of your heroes would you most like to date and why?

Can I date all of them? Lol. Hmmm, that’s a tough one. If I had to pick just one I’d go with Colton because he’s flirtatious and funny. A sense of humor is my number one go. I think a guy who can make you laugh is very sexy.


What stories do you have in the works right now?

Right now I am working on a few things. I’m busy working on the next few books in the Peak Town series and branching off into Paranormal with my RWA Golden Heart nominated book “Daemon Uprising.” It’s a very busy and exciting time. I’m pretty much living off coffee right now, lol.

Mariah AnkenmanRWA Golden Heart Nominated Mariah Ankenman began writing at the tender age of five. Her first book “George and the Green Glob” received high praise from her mother. Many years, and green glob stories later, Mariah received a playwriting degree from the University of Wyoming. After a few years in Hollywood, working in “the biz,” she came home to the beautiful Rocky Mountains. When she’s not writing Mariah loves to read, crochet, and play her ukulele. She loves to hear from readers.

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Maggie Evans is back in Peak Town, Colorado to take over her grandmother’s cupcake shop, but problems keep arising. Is it rotten luck…or something more nefarious? To top it off, her former best friend/childhood crush, Colton Denning, won’t leave her alone. He’s sexier than ever. But Maggie has no time for love.

When his best friend comes back into town all grown up, Colton finds his feelings for her go far beyond friendship. Unfortunately, the pretty baker only sees him as the town playboy. He plans to convince her otherwise, but may not get the chance when someone starts threatening Maggie’s life.

Whether she likes it or not, Colton plans to take her safety into his own hands. How will Maggie keep her shop afloat with a madman after her? More importantly, how will she keep her heart intact when Colton admits her safety isn’t the only thing he wants in his hands?


“Colton Denning, get out from behind my counter this minute,” Maggie admonished and smacked him on the shoulder.

Ouch. The tiny woman packed quite a wallop. He put Jamie down and turned. “Oh come on now, Magpie. I was just caught up in the excitement of the news.”
“Yeah well, catch up on that side of the counter. You’re going to violate my health codes.”

He looked down at himself—dusty, faded jeans that may have been worn one season too long, a relatively clean, long sleeve flannel over a black T-shirt, and cowboy boots caked in dried mud. Okay, she might have a point. Not that he would ever tell her that. One thing Maggie did not need to hear was that she was right, again. Besides, it was much more fun to tease her.

“I’m not that dirty.”

She rolled those pretty green eyes of hers. “You’ve got hay stuck in your jeans.”

A quick glance revealed a short stalk stuck in the waistband of his wranglers. Not surprising. Working on a horse ranch, you were bound to get a stray piece of hay here and there.

“Why, Magpie, were you eying my unmentionables?”

She snorted, a very unladylike snort, but adorable as hell.

“Oh please. You probably put it there on purpose to draw attention to your unmentionables. You’re a shameless flirt, Colton Denning, and you know it.”

“What’s wrong with a little harmless flirting? Especially when it’s with such a pretty lady.”

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