Meet Darrogh (Character Interview by Cynthia Clement)

Meet Darrogh (Character Interview by Cynthia Clement)

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Meet Darrogh

Character Interview by Cynthia Clement

February 29, 2016

Please tell us your name and a little about your background.

My name is Darrogh and I am an elite warrior known as a Hunter A Hunter lives and dies by honor. We search and we destroy. We obey orders and we defend to the death. I come from the planet Cygnus where the ancient scripts say that we were originally from a primitive planet and had inferior genetics. Manipulation of our genes and training has made us the perfect soldiers. When we crash landed on Earth we discovered that our genes are human. Unable to return to our home planet, I and the rest of my unit, have been using our skills to help those in need get justice. This makes us fugitives on Earth.


What is your greatest fear?

A Hunter does not fear for himself. Our greatest reward is to die an honorable death. The first time I experienced fear was when I thought I would be unable to save Tamsin, the woman I was hired to protect, from being raped and killed by a madman. Now my greatest fear is that I will not be able to keep Tamsin safe.

Whom do you trust the most?

I trust my brother warriors. We obey orders and have complete faith in our leader, Ardal. Hunters can communicate through mind connection and we guard this secret with our lives. It gives us an advantage during combat and helps us fight as a cohesive unit. Since bonding with Tamsin, I trust her above all others.


Is there someone special in your life?

Hunters form a permanent pair bond with one woman. I am bonded to Tamsin. She is the only woman for me and I can sense her feelings and hear her thoughts. Even in death, I will be with Tamsin always. The ancients believed that allowing a Hunter to mate made him useless as a warrior so they used implants and enhancements to prevent us from finding our pair bond. Since landing on Earth these restraints have been removed and now we are free to find our one true mate. I did not trust the effect Earth had on my fellow Hunters who had pair bonded until I met Tamsin.


What would you sacrifice to be with your special someone?

I would sacrifice my life for Tamsin. I would do whatever she wishes to keep her safe and happy. On Cygnus, men obey women unless it is a matter of their safety. I will defend Tamsin to the death and beyond.

SM-Cynthia ClementCynthia Clement is an Amazon bestselling and award winning author who began writing stories in her teens. She believes in second chances, exploring new ideas, and bringing the impossible to life. Her novels, whether contemporary, historical, or science fiction, all focus on love, honor, and intrigue.

Cynthia spent most of her childhood with her nose in a book. She began writing stories in her teens, but it wasn’t until her forties that she took her writing seriously. She enjoys reading and collecting books, quilting, gardening, ghost hunting, and great conversation. She has a BSc in Biology and a BA in anthropology and recently graduated from nursing. She lives in Canada with her husband of thirty-one years, her teenaged son, and two dachshunds.

Her first book, The Seduction of Sarah, was a finalist in the HOLT Medallion Best First Book Category. Her book, aHunter4Rescue, has placed first in the 2014 International Digital Awards in the Paranormal Category and received third place in the 2014 ACRA Heart of Excellence Reader’s Choice Award, Paranormal Romance Category.

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Darrogh is an elite alien warrior. A life spent in combat on the outer frontiers of the galaxy has forged him into a skilled and effective soldier. He has never had contact with women until he crashes on Earth with the rest of his military unit. The last thing he expects or understands is the attraction he has to Tamsin, the woman he has been hired to protect. With unknown assailants threatening her life, Darrogh questions whether he should also be protecting her from him.

 Tamsin lives a life of luxury. The daughter of an aristocratic British banker, she rejected her father’s arranged marriage when she found her fiancé in bed with her best friend. She has distanced herself from her family’s heritage and built a life of her own. All of that changes when her father insists that she needs protection, and contacts aHunter4Hire. Tamsin asserts that she can take care of herself, but she can’t fight her attraction to Darrogh. Dare she trust another man with her heart?


AHunter4Hire Series

 When a unit of elite alien warriors known as Hunters, crashes on Earth, they discover that their ancient legends of mating are true. Forbidden to mate on their home planet, they are now free to find the one woman that is fated to become their pair bond.



It had been a week since Darrogh and his team had accepted the assignment of guarding Tamsin Creighton. She still did not trust their motives and she made no secret of that fact. Every night they had followed her from one play spot to the next. Tonight was no different. They were in Beauvie’s, an exclusive, members-only London nightclub.

Colored strobe lights flashed to the beat of ear-shattering music.

Bodies crowded the floor, gyrating to the deafening noise.

It reminded him of the battlefield. The only thing missing was the smell of death. He did not understand humans. Why would they deliberately reproduce the sights and sounds of the frontlines of a war zone? Was it because they liked warfare or was it just a coincidence? Whatever the reason, the constant barrage of stimuli had his senses on full alert.

Darrogh’s eyes narrowed as he focused on Tamsin. Her name was a constant litany in his head. He could not ignore the effect she had on him, but he was stronger than his fellow Hunters. He would not succumb to the lure of a woman. It was forbidden. A Hunter had no right being near women, much less feeling a connection to one. Some of the warriors in his unit had found mates, but he did not believe in the legends.

She moved in and out of the flailing bodies as she made her way to the long steel bar at the edge of the dance floor. She was a vision of grace and poise in a short red dress that hugged her curves. Darrogh inhaled a quick breath and followed.

She did not want him near.

He ignored her rejection.

Her protection was his job and he had never failed a mission before. She would not be the first to underestimate his abilities as a warrior. He reached her side and stood a step behind her. It was right and fitting for a Hunter to show deference to a woman. Despite customs being different on this planet, he had sworn to live and die by the Hunter’s code. Nothing would change that.

“Leave me alone.”

Her voice sent a frisson of heat through him.

Darrogh ignored the sensation.

“I cannot. My mission is to protect you.”

“I’m not in danger here.”

She swirled around and glared at him. Blue eyes flashed and even in the darkened club, Darrogh could see her wariness. Her reaction to him was always the same. It was not his place to judge her behavior, but he had observed that this was how she treated most of the men she encountered, except her father.

“Your safety is my concern.”

Darrogh kept his voice neutral. He had spent his life fighting among men on the frontlines and was used to barking orders. Since arriving on Earth, he had come to learn that women did not respond to the same tone of voice as men did.

“It’s a waste of time.” She turned back to the bartender.

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