Meet Joshua Crawford (Character Interview by Heather Miles)

Meet Joshua Crawford (Character Interview by Heather Miles)

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Meet Joshua Crawford

Character Interview by Heather Miles

February 16, 2016

Please tell us your name and a little about your background.

Joshua Crawford, but my friends and family call me Josh. I’m son to James Crawford, and brother to Jake Crawford, and the future CEO of Crawford Enterprises. But my current partnership with K.K. Blakely is the one that has my head spinning. I was an idiot to think I could have her, but she’s all I want.


Is there someone special in your life?

Kasey Kelly Blakey, my partner in the biggest merger in US history. She was all but forbidden, but I had to have her.


What obstacles stand in the way of your happiness?

She thinks we can’t have it all. That the stress of working together and being in love won’t sustain. It’s a battle of the heart and mind, but I’m relentless and she’s mine. I’ll keep fighting for our love.
What is the worst thing you ever had to do and why did you feel compelled to do it?

I lied about my last name. If she would have found out who I was before the first date…well let’s just say my plot to try and make her mine would have ended before it started. Never going to happen!


What would you sacrifice to be with your special someone?

Every single thing! She owns me – body, heart and soul.

Heather Miles is an author of contemporary romances that tease and tantalize. With strong heroes and even stronger heroines.

Her first series Merger was well received, garnering almost all five star reviews. Merger, Merger Undone and Merger Complete. Merger Reignited is the next book and will be released in Spring 2016.

SAYING YES, her newest novel, released in November 2015, is a standalone of contemporary erotic romance.

Heather, originally from Kansas City, lives in Cleveland, Mississippi. The heart of the Mississippi Delta and home of the blues. She is married, has two children and two unruly dogs that keep her constantly on the move.

She is a member of Romance Writers of America, River City Romance Writers, From the Heart Romance Writers, Passionate Ink, Contemporary Romance Writers, and The Independent Author Network.

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Kasey (K.K.) Blakely never meant to fall in love with her business partner, but she did. When she accidentally stumbled into Joshua Crawford, he was just a man…a beautiful, sexy man that rendered her breathless, speechless and completely undone. He said he always got what he wanted and when he set his sights on her she was powerless to resist. It was supposed to just be a date, but it ended up being so much more.

Joshua Crawford, never as dazzled, falls under the enchantment of the beautiful brunette who continues to find herself in his path. In an unsuspecting moment that thrusts them back together he decides to ask her out. It doesn’t take long to discover her true identity and he’s warned that the age old adage of mixing business and pleasure still holds true. Never as smitten or intrigued, he’ll do anything to have her – including withholding his last name. Only after a passionate exchange and the prospect he could lose her does he come clean with who he is and what they mean to one another.

Kasey, who’s always confident, struggles with her growing affection for a man who has claimed her heart and changed her world, but should be forbidden. She’s all in…then all out. Despite the warnings, Kasey and Joshua risk it all. Only to find that love isn’t enough to overcome the challenges life throws their way. Can they manage the MERGER of their hearts and still maintain their future partnership?


I waited patiently, wiping the sweat from my face with my shoulders like a dog without useful appendages, dragging my cheek to the right and left as I worked to regain some semblance of composure. The doors of the elevator opened and a sudden presence overwhelmed my back like an electric current threatening to shock the hell out of me. The sudden urge to hold my breath took back over. What the hell? I stepped inside and turned around. There he was, all brawn and perfection. Thank God I lived in the penthouse. He would be getting off before me. Until then, I’d just stand in the corner, will my lungs to work, and pray I wouldn’t do anything further to look like a complete buffoon.

He reached over to the panel of buttons and pushed number eleven. Then looked at me curiously, waiting for me to either tell him what button to push or silently suggesting that I do it myself. Just like the stupefied woman I’d been only moments earlier, I said nothing and reached around his arm and hit ‘P.’

“Josh.” The baritone of his voice, husky and thick, resonated straight to my core.

Oh, s**t! Is he speaking to me?

I couldn’t tell if his voice was labored from his workout or from the air that had been sucked from our small space like a vacuum. I waited a second too long to speak, widening the gap of embarrassment I’d created for myself. I was rendered speechless and wanted to look around to see who he was talking to, but knew there was no one else. A rush of heat slid over my already flushed cheeks. I swallowed hard.


“My name…” He smiled, flashing those shockingly perfect teeth again. My legs weakened beneath me and I felt all melty and warm inside, wondering how someone’s smile could be so damn captivating. “…is Josh.”

I tried not to stare but lost the battle. He was like a gravitational pull from the sun. I had to stop myself from being drawn to the light. I wanted to touch him again just to see if he was real, but gripped the rail and begged my feet to still. The depth of blue in his mesmerizing eyes could only be likened to the Aegean Sea. His dark, thick eyelashes were unusually long for a man, which added a touch of femininity to his all-male hotness. A model? Perhaps if I were guessing, but with no intention to ask, I just continued to stare.

His jaw and cheekbones were prominent and his lips were supple, pink and full. The kind that begged to be kissed, licked and sucked on. The morning growth of dark hair peppered his chin and cheeks, making him remarkably sexy. His chocolate hair was styled by a few swipes of his hands to get it into some organized shape and it worked. His sweat-covered body glistened under the iridescent lights, dazzling me into blindness. He was chiseled to perfection, each detail more exacting than the last. All muscles and smooth tanned skin.

My eyes wandered all over him with no sense of direction. When I finally came to my senses and found my way back to his face, I was greeted with a knowing grin. He was eating my perusal of him up. His confidence bloomed as mine wilted. My stomach was in knots and I was sure I’d quit breathing. The air had evaporated…poof, gone. What stood before me was nothing shy of flawless. He was smokin’ hot and I was being scorched just being in such close proximity. He ran his hands through his sweaty hair and I could feel my mouth go slack. He was toying with me. I found my brain and voice. “Kasey.”

“Kasey,” he repeated, letting my name roll off his tongue like he was trying it on for size. The thought of him screaming it in ecstasy lingered in the recesses of my brain. I’d sure like to hear it. I smiled inwardly at the thought then looked away for fear of melting. To my relief, the elevator chimed on the eleventh floor. The doors slowly parted and he sauntered out, more stroll than walk. He turned back as the doors were about to close, throwing me a devilish grin that never faltered and either did his penetrating gaze. He didn’t have to say a word.

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