Meet Monda (Character Interview by Charlotte Copper)

Meet Monda (Character Interview by Charlotte Copper)

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Meet Monda

Character Interview by Charlotte Copper

December 30, 2015

Please tell us your name and a little about your background.

My name is Monda. As a young girl, my parents gave me over to the house of Mistress Teevac. I spent my growing years within those walls, refining my empathic abilities. I was on my way to my new mate and master when our spaceship crashed. Mistress Teevac and I were rescued by a handsome space officer, Lieutenant Patrick Lancaster.


What is your greatest fear?

My greatest fear is the future. I am on a spaceship I do not know with people I do not know. My family and my past are gone. (The captain does not recognize Uuripita—the name by which I identify my home planet.) This place and these people are alien to me. Literally. And yet, along with being my greatest fear, the future also holds my greatest hope for freedom and opportunity.


Whom do you trust the most?

Trust is both easy and hard as an empath in this new world. At Mistress Teevac’s, surrounded by other empaths, one always told and received the truth; there was no point in trying to do otherwise.  People of this new world are less truthful. Patrick and my new friend, Demonna, are trying to teach me the nuances.  They have also introduced me to wonderful new things like popcorn, movies and eyes-cream.


What would you sacrifice to be with your special someone?

My past. My future. Everything.


If you could travel back in time to change one thing in your past, what would it be?

My life today is a result of the choices and events that occurred in my past. If I had not been sold by my parents. If my ship had not crashed. These events have led me to discover who I am. I would not change them.

Charlotte Copper Author photoCharlotte Copper lives in Stouffville, Ontario – that’s in Canada, eh. When she isn’t working at her full-time job, Charlotte likes to craft, read, go to movies, and, of course, write. Charlotte hopes to have all of her stories published some day because, as a romance writer, she believes in happy endings!

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As a young girl, Monda was placed into the tutelage of Mistress Teevac. Trained to use her empathic skills and educated in the ways to please a man, Monda is on her way to her new mate and master when her spaceship crashes. Rescued by a handsome space lieutenant, who literally makes her heart race, Monda’s eyes and heart are opened to new possibilities.

When Lieutenant Patrick Lancaster looks at the exotic Monda, he sees beautiful not alien. With an instinct to protect her and the desire to have her, he’d be honored to call her his own, but the starts have something else in mind. Or do they?

Real Love releases January 16, as part of the Candy Hearts series.


Her face more angular than most. Her lips, thick. A constant pout, like she waited to be kissed. When he looked at her big blue eyes and long blue eyelashes, he thought exotic, not alien.

“Monda.” He reached to wipe the tear. No, it was not his place. He shoved his hand into his pocket. “I didn’t mean you. I don’t think of you as alien. I meant other aliens, like the green guys from Salvador. Have you seen them? About a meter high with pointed teeth. You can’t tell the males from the females except when they have their armor off.” He wanted to pull her into a hug. To comfort her and show her how sorry he felt. But she was promised to another, and while he might be an idiot, his mother also raised him as a gentleman. “Really, Monda, I’m sorry.”

“I know,” she whispered.

“What I mean is you’re an alien but not an alien. You don’t look like an alien. Of course any guy would be honored to have a girlfriend like you.”

“Any guy, but you.”

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The Wild Rose Press on January 16

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