My 5 Favorite Words That Start with E (post by Anna)

My 5 Favorite Words That Start with E (post by Anna)

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E is the most commonly used letter in the English alphabet. We type/write it all the time without thinking much about this lowly letter. (Count how many E’s I used in the first two sentences to see what I mean. Go on, I dare you!) Some of my favorite words start with E, so today I’m sharing my best-loved E-words.

Ethereal. Love the way it sounds, the way it looks, and what it means. This word can mean otherworldly, but also delicate. I enjoy making use of both definitions.

Endue. I have to admit I’d never heard this word before I went looking for a different way to describe a magical incantation that could affect an object in The Mortal Falls. I’d been using “enchant” for another type of magic. I chose “endue” because it means to imbue with a quality or trait—in this case, with supernatural power.

Ensorcell. I almost used ensorcell instead of enchant in The Mortal Falls. I still love this word and may employ it in another story. It just sounds so cool.

Enchant. Of course I love this word! It can be sexy or scary, perfect for paranormal stories as well as normal ones. You can be enchanted by a lover­—or by a bad guy.

Envelop. No, I’m not talking about those things you stuff papers into and then lick the yucky adhesive to seal it shut. I’m a big fan of the verb version. Be surrounded by the scent of roses or get caught in a magic web. It’s all enveloping!

Well, there’s my list. What words do you love?

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