My Writing Roadmap Update: First 100 Days (post by Anna)

My Writing Roadmap Update: First 100 Days (post by Anna)

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Back in January, I revealed my roadmap for writing this year, a kind of plot outline for my year. I listed seven projects and what progress I intend to make on each this year. We hear a lot about the first 100 days for a U.S. president, so I’ve decided to update my progress 100 days in. How am I doing? See for yourself!

Anna’s 2017 Writing Roadmap

  1. The Mortal Falls (Undercover Elementals, Book One). I shot for a March release and — ta-dah! — the book hit stores on March 24, becoming a bestseller on its first day. Reviews from readers and reviewers alike have been overwhelmingly positive, so I’d rate this roadmap waypoint as a success. Yay!
  2. Fired Up. Since I formulated my roadmap, this book (already a winner of three awards) became a semifinalist in the Sexy Scribbles contest. It’s finished and waiting for news on when it will be released. This is the novel-length story of Mel and Adam from Tempted by a Kiss.
  3. Wicked in a Kilt (Hot Scots, Book Two). I’m well on the way to finishing this book in the next few months, posting occasional updates on my progress on Twitter.
  4. The Outlands Shifter. This one will most likely wait until I finish two other books, Wicked in a Kilt and The Mortal Fires, but I still aim to finish it this year.
  5. Untitled Highland time travel romance. Research is going well and I plan to begin writing once I finish a few other projects. It’s now tentatively titled The Highlander’s Witch.
  6. Untitled Reborn-inspired paranormal romance. I now have a good idea of what I want the plot to be and who the characters are, so progress is on track.
  7. Hot Scots, Book Three. I listed this one as a planning-phase project this year and I’m developing the characters, which for me, always comes before the story. Rory MacTaggart is a lawyer who wears glasses and isn’t as gregarious as his brothers, but he’s just as hot!

I also need to add two more projects to this list. Somehow, I forgot to include Kinetic (Psychic Crossroads, Book Three) when I compiled my list, though I’d already started writing the book. Duh! And now I have to add The Mortal Fires, which I hadn’t intended to write this year — but after seeing the amazing reception the first book has received, I couldn’t wait to start writing the second book in the Undercover Elementals series. I’m posting occasional updates on this one on Twitter.

How’s my roadmap coming along? Pretty well, I think. I came up with an ambitious list and I’ve made good progress toward accomplishing my goals. What do you think?

Check out my Upcoming Books page for more on these projects.

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