New Year’s Resolutions for Psychics, Resurrected Mummies & More! (Post by Anna)

New Year’s Resolutions for Psychics, Resurrected Mummies & More! (Post by Anna)

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Most of us have trouble coming up with or keeping our New Year’s resolutions. I’ve opted for a no-resolutions resolution, instead focusing on one task at a time — a stress-reducing technique for me. Thinking about this topic, however, got me thinking about what some of the characters in my books would choose for their New Year’s resolutions.

What would a psychic or a resurrected mummy resolve to do in the new year? Read on to find out!

Character Resolutions

David Ransom
(Willpower & Intuition, books 1 & 2 in the Psychic Crossroads series)

As a new husband and soon-to-be father, I’d resolve to keep my family safe. My wife, Grace, has a habit of getting into trouble but I know motherhood will make her more cautious. Still, nothing matters more to me than my loved ones — and that includes Sean, my teenage ward. As long as Grace steers clear of the Golden Power, we should all be okay. Unless Sean’s powers keep growing…In that case, I’d better resolve to keep a tight rein on that boy.

(The Reborn series)

Well, not long ago I was a resurrected mummy with total amnesia. Now I have a name, but I still remember very little about my first life in ancient Egypt. My resolution would be to unlock the rest of my memories somehow. No clue how I’ll do that, but I’ve got my soul mate, Jake, to help me figure it out. A few surprise guests are on the way, I can feel it, so I’ve also got to prepare to defend my new life from whatever may come at me.

Adam Caras
(Tempted by a Kiss and the upcoming novel version, Fired Up)

My resolution? To win the heart of my best friend, Mel. What else? She’s been burned by her cheating slimeball of an ex and thinks she doesn’t want another relationship. I know she does, deep inside, because I know her. She’s smart, funny, and — hoo yeah — sexy as hell. I realized I’m in love with her too late to save her from getting involved with Devon, and I’ve got one chance to make it right. Mistakes? Uh, yeah, I’ve made one or two so far, but firefighters don’t give in that easy. Mel loves me too, I know it. She better grab a fire extinguisher, because this is gonna get hot.

pen-paperMy Non-Resolutions

Since I’ve opted for no resolutions this year, instead I’ll share some of my goals and tasks. I’ve got a lot to do this year, but I’m dead-set on finishing all of it.

  • Finish Reborn to Conquer, the fourth and final installment in the Reborn series, and get it out there for sale.
  • Finish editing The Mortal Falls and get it out there for sale.
  • Write my first historical romance, a time travel story with witches and a hot Highlander.
  • Write the third book in the Psychic Crossroads series, featuring Sean Vandenbrook, the teenager from the first two books who’s now all grown up.
  • Write the second book in the trilogy that starts with Fired Up, this time featuring Mel’s friend Kaya and a different sexy firefighter.

That’s my starter list. 🙂 Are you making resolutions this year? If so, please share one or two of them; if not, feel free to share what you’re doing instead.

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