Saying Goodbye to a Series (post by Anna)

Saying Goodbye to a Series (post by Anna)

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Reborn to ConquerToday, Reborn to Conquer is released into the world. This novella represents the end of the Reborn series, and the end of my relationship with these characters. Since the first story, Reborn to Die, was released in 2014, I’ve become quite attached to Jake and Dawn—but then, I get attached to all my characters. These two had a strange genesis, though, and a long journey to their final happily ever after.

The Reborn series emerged out of my interest in science. I’d read several articles about creatures called extremophiles that can survive total desiccation, wild extremes in temperatures, and even the vacuum of space. I’d also read about transgenic species, animals genetically altered to possess the DNA of foreign species within themselves, granting them some characteristics of those other creatures.

In the Reborn series, Dawn is a former mummy regenerated by scientists, and her rebirth owes a great deal to my interest in extremophiles and transgenics. At its heart, though, the series is an epic romance. Jake and Dawn share a very long history—we’re talking thousands of years here—and a powerful love even curses and vengeful bad guys can’t destroy. In each of the first three books, these two enjoyed a happy-for-now ending; in Reborn to Conquer, they get their ultimate happily ever after.

I’d known since writing Reborn to Burn, the second book, that I’d write four stories about this couple. As I wrote the last story, and especially the last chapter, I experienced that twinge of sadness I usually get when I reach the end of a book and know I’m saying goodbye to my characters. Dawn and Jake ushered in my new era of steamy romance, in Reborn to Burn, and allowed me to make use of my extensive knowledge of ancient Egypt in a fun and sexy way. I owe these two a lot! Thank you, Dawn and Jake.

And goodbye. You will live forever in books, but your story has reached its final destination. Of course, since Jake and Dawn have both been reborn before, who knows. Maybe they’ll be resurrected again.

Soon this e-book series will find a new home in print with Passion Never Dies: The Complete Reborn Series. To celebrate the end of the series, I’m giving away one paperback copy of Passion Never Dies. Enter below for your chance to win!

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