Tena Stetler (Author Interview)

Tena Stetler (Author Interview)

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Tena Stetler

Author Interview

November 12, 2015

Please tell us a little about yourself, the romance subgenre(s) in which you write, and your newest book.

Colorado is home, which I share with a wonderful husband of many moons (who is my critique partner, if you don’t think that makes for interesting discussions), a brilliant Chow dog, a terribly spoiled parrot and a forty year old box turtle.  I write paranormal romance, also have a paranormal romantic suspense in the works.   A Demon’s Witch is my debut novel.

What inspired you to write romance fiction?

 I love happily ever after.  There is so much turmoil in the world, I think everyone need a little escapism.  So I craft romance all about RESPECT, TRUST and LOVE, then set it in interesting places. Only my characters are of the paranormal persuasion. I want to create a memorable love story with characters that will grab hold of your heart, hang on long after you’ve read the last word and closed the book with a sigh.

What’s the most exotic setting you’ve chosen for one of your stories and why did you choose it?

Probably is Tahiti, where Bruce and Angie from A Demon’s Witch hope to find safety. It seemed a world apart from Washington DC where the first part of the story is set.

How do your family and friends feel about your romance writing? 

So far they love my books.  A bit on the spicy side at times, but they support me.  One thing they don’t do, is poke fun because I’ve chosen to write romance.  I’d have to kill them if they did.  Only kidding.

What stories do you have in the works right now?

Charm Me is part of the Wild Rose Candy Hearts Series due out in January.  I just submitted A Witch’s Journey set in Lobster Cove and I am editing the second in the Demon’s Witch series, trying to whip it into shape for submission.  The third and fourth in the Demon’s Witch series are in second draft process.

SM-tena7 300-1With the majestic Rocky Mountains for a backdrop, Tena Stetler is a paranormal romance author with an over-active imagination.  She wrote her first vampire romance at the age of twelve, to the delight of her friends, and chagrin of her mother.  Tena finds stories in the strangest places, while camping, kayaking, or hiking in the mountains. Even at the hair salon ie A Demon’s Witch.  So far, she’s only found one dead body (imagined not real) during a camping trip, turned it into an exciting paranormal romantic suspense that’s nearly complete.

For many years, Tena worked as a paralegal for a criminal law firm. You won’t believe the tales she can spin from that experience!

Colorado is her home; shared with her husband, a brilliant Chow Chow, a spoiled parrot and a forty-year-old box turtle.  She loves the adventure of a road trip. Together with her husband and their companion animals, they have logged thousands of miles in their RV visiting over three-quarters of the United States.  The great northeast and Alaska are still on the bucket list.

Any winter evening, you can find her curled up in front of a crackling fire with a good book, a mug of hot chocolate and a big bowl of popcorn.

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Keeping a lid on all the paranormal beings inhabiting Washington D.C. is a daunting job. Bruce, a six hundred year old demon and the Territory Overlord of the Western Hemisphere, keeps his finger on the pulse of DC’s power players through the activities at his highly successful Wycked Hair Salon. His movie star good looks and body builder physique keeps his dance card full and the rumor mills running. Within these walls, his anonymity is safe, mostly.

Bruce’s world spins out of control when Angelique, a pint size, gorgeous witch, with an attitude breezes through the doors of his salon. She is the younger sister of Tristian, Bruce’s long time trusted enforcer, whose professional skills are second to none. Tristian is furious at the relationship between Bruce and Angelique, a dangerous situation. The undeniable attraction between demon and witch promises to tear apart both their professional and personal worlds.


Suddenly, he felt the magic aura shift and switched his attention to the front door. She breezed in, hair like spun gold flowing to her waist, with a seductive yet regal body and a sway to her hips that should be illegal even in DC. She wore a snug rose and cream colored sweater, cut low enough he could see the swells of her rounded breasts, tailored black slacks that fit her cute ass like a glove and four-inch spike heels.  She paused in the center of the salon, wet from the sudden spring storm, and lowered the briefcase she’d used as an umbrella. Her sparkling violet eyes glanced up to the mezzanine where Bruce stood watching. Blatantly her gaze wandered over his well-muscled body, undressing him piece by piece, until he felt naked. He shook his head slightly and smoothed his shirt and slacks with his hand, just to make sure he was still wearing them.

On the first floor, Owen, a stocky well-muscled man of slightly over six foot, with thick silver hair that fell to his shoulders, smiled and stepped toward her holding out a large towel. “Mother Nature frown on you?” His dark amber eyes twinkled as he watched water pool at her feet.

“It would seem so.” She grinned and took the towel, dried off then knelt down to wipe up the puddle.

“Don’t worry about it.” Owen snapped his fingers. Mia came from the back room with a wheeled bucket and a mop. “It’s been one of those mornings.” He reached out, took the towel from her, and handed it to Mia. “Now, what can I do for you?”

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