The Mortal Falls is here! Celebrate with a playlist (post by Anna)

The Mortal Falls is here! Celebrate with a playlist (post by Anna)

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Today, my latest sizzling romance hits the virtual shelves. The Mortal Falls emerged out of a short story I wrote, The Falls, published in December 2013. I loved the characters so much that I just had to give Lindsey and Nevan the full-novel treatment. The short story set up the basic world, where two parallel realms of reality converge–the mortal world where the supernatural is in hiding, and the elemental realm where magic reigns.

In the novel, I expanded on this setup and had a great time imagining different ways to screw up Lindsey’s life with magic. She becomes the target of a shapeshifting assassin who often appears as a raven. Her new love interest, Nevan, is enslaved by a magical bargain that forces him to do some things that make Lindsey uncomfortable, to say the least. I won’t give away the best parts, but I will tell you Lindsey’s mundane life gets flipped upside-down!

As always, I relished the chance to craft a hot hero who tempts the heroine to stray from her plans for her life. Lindsey gets flustered often, thanks to Nevan wandering around in nothing but a loincloth! Much of the humor comes out of the controlled Lindsey resisting the seductive sylph Nevan. Since this book is the first in a series, you can expect plenty more sexiness, humor, and suspense in future books, beginning with book two, The Mortal Fires.

To celebrate today’s release of The Mortal Falls, I present my playlist for this book. It includes songs that inspired or evoke aspects of the story or characters. Enjoy these awesome tunes!

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  1. “Way to Mandalay” by Blackmore’s Night. A mysterious song with an exotic sound that makes me think of Lindsey and her journey into the Unseen Realm.
  2. “Train Wreck” by Sarah McLachlan. Lindsey starts out as a bit of an emotional train wreck herself!
  3. “A Mistake” by Fiona Apple. This song epitomizes Lindsey’s struggle to do the right thing, even though she’s exhausted from the effort.
  4. “Eyes Like Yours” by Shakira. Read the book and you’ll understand the importance of eyes to this romance.
  5. “Tangled” by Tina Arena. Ah yes, Lindsey can’t help getting tangled up in her own fears and desires.
  6. “Fleurs du Mal” by Sarah Brightman. This one evokes Lindsey’s fears that Nevan may be her undoing.
  7. “Eternal Odyssey” by Delerium. No lyrics, just sensual and exotic music that suits Nevan and Lindsey to a tee.
  8. “Love is Found” by Sade. A sexy song for a sexy couple.
  9. “Feel Again” by OneRepublic. The ultimate expression Lindsey overcoming her past, with Nevan’s help.
  10. “Once in a Million Years” by Blackmore’s Night. The perfect song for Lindsey and Nevan’s happy ending. Hey, it’s a romance, you already knew there’d be a happy ending!

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