The Sea Between Us by Neil Plakcy (Book Spotlight)

The Sea Between Us by Neil Plakcy (Book Spotlight)

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The Sea Between Us

by Neil Plakcy

December 9, 2014

When Adam and Javier met in Mi Amor, Adam was a late-night party boy and Javier an early-rising hard-driving real estate developer. Javier encourage Adam to leave town for business school—but does he still love the new, more adult Adam who returns with his MBA? Will the big venture Javier began while Adam was away be his downfall, tearing apart his relationship? And will his conservative Cuban-American parents ever condone his marriage to another man?


“Maybe I shouldn’t go,” I said, as Javier pulled his BMW into the parking garage at Miami International Airport. My flight to Boston was due to leave in an hour and a half, and I was feeling travel jitters.

“Don’t be silly, mi amor,” Javier said. “This is the chance of a lifetime. I wish I could come with you, but we’ll talk and Skype and see each other at your school breaks.”

I loved the way Javier talked, the occasional rolled r, the way every Spanish word—even street names—got the perfect Castilian pronunciation. He was almost unbelievably handsome: dark curly hair, with one stray lock that dropped over his forehead; cinnamon skin, deep green eyes, and lips that were so full and luscious, I longed to kiss them again and again.

My life changed the day Javier Marisco and I first flirted, in the floral department at the Publix on South Beach. That evening, at a party I was organizing, we’d shared an amazing lip-lock, followed by falling head-over-heels in love. Since then, he’d been the only man for me.

Sure, we had our differences—I was a night owl; he was a morning person. I was Anglo and he was Latin, and our economic backgrounds were opposites. But we got each other. We talked for hours, and we had great sex.

As Javier and I got to know each other, we talked a lot about our future, and I admitted that I had skated through college on my looks, charm, and native intelligence. He spurred me to make more of a career for myself, and after a hot and heavy few months, I was ready to leave for Cambridge, Massachusetts to begin my MBA at Harvard. “Seriously,” I said. “I can take classes at FIU with you. I don’t care what name is on my diploma.”

Javier neatly pulled into a parking space and shut the car off. “This is your destiny, mi amor,” he said. He leaned over and kissed me. “Now get your bag from the trunk and get moving.”

We walked together along one of the moving sidewalks that led into the terminal. All around us were people going purposefully forward, and I wished I was as sure of my destination as they seemed to be. I checked my big rolling duffel bag at the kiosk and got my boarding pass, and Javier walked with me up to the security line.

I wanted to kiss him, then, but Javier had grown up Cuban-American, among great prejudice against maricons, as we were called, and I knew he’d hate making a spectacle. So instead I hugged him good-bye and promised to call as soon as I landed. Then I watched him walk away, worrying that I might be screwing up the best relationship of my life by leaving him behind.

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neil_plakcy_khaki_closeupNeil Plakcy is the author of the Love On series set on South Beach, and the Have Body, Will Guard adventure romance series, both published by Loose Id.

He is an associate professor of English at Broward College in South Florida, and has been a construction manager, a computer game producer, and a web developer – all experiences he uses in his fiction. His research includes a great deal of time spent on South Beach talking to good-looking younger men.

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