The Surprising Facts Behind the Reborn Series (post by Anna)

The Surprising Facts Behind the Reborn Series (post by Anna)

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You might not think a paranormal romance would have any basis in fact, but surprisingly often they do. Whether it’s ancient history or modern science, the truth can form a fascinating foundation for a made-up world. Dawn and Jake may struggle with decidedly non-realistic events at times, but these fun facts about the Reborn series reveal the truth behind the steamy romance.

  • Dawn’s resurrection at the hands of scientists comes straight out of science facts. There are microscopic creatures that can survive total desiccation (natural mummification) only to spring back to life when rain falls. Certain frogs have the same ability. Scientists are, right now, trying to determine how they do this and what applications the knowledge might have.
  • Resurrection was a vital part of ancient Egyptian religion. The god Osiris was murdered by his brother, chopped up into bits, and regenerated by his wife, Isis. They went on to have a son, the god Horus.
  • The Egyptians believed a person’s soul walked among the living after death. During the daytime, the soul wandered the living world, then returned to its body at night to undergo the arduous journey through the underworld. This is why they mummified their dead, so the soul could return to the body each night.
  • The dawn was an important time of day to the Egyptians. They believed dung beetles (scarabs) were sacred and associated with the sun-god Ra because they seemed to rise from the underworld each morning with the sun. In reality, they burrowed into the dirt at night, then crawled out again at dawn. And yes, this belief plays into how my heroine gets her name.
  • Mummies had their brains removed. If you wanted to resurrect a mummy, you’d need to find a rare one with its brain intact, because the ancient Egyptians removed it during mummification. They removed the heart too, but then mummified it (along with other organs) to be placed back into the body or into a canopic jar. This also plays into the story of the Reborn series, but I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise!

Each of these facts is important to the Reborn series. I’m a bit obsessed with ancient history, especially Egypt, so I naturally gravitate toward writing these types of stories. In fact (pun intended!), I’m already planning a new series about Egyptian magic and romance. The fun is just beginning.

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