Valentine’s All Year Long (post by Anna, ABA Valentine Blog Hop)

Valentine’s All Year Long (post by Anna, ABA Valentine Blog Hop)

Posted by on Feb 5, 2017 in Anna's Posts, Blog Hops | 8 comments

Writing romance novels is like having Valentine’s Day all year long. I celebrate love every single day, with every story I craft and every hero and heroine I create, every moment I spend figuring out how to draw two people together through passion and emotion. Yes, these characters are imaginary. But they’re borne from my imagination, from my mind and my heart, which makes them all me, in a sense. Even my ultra-hot heroes embody some aspect of my personality or desires, however small that speck might be.

This is one of the many reasons I love writing romances. Valentine’s Day is, after all, a day focused on the fantasy of love. We give each other things we might not give any other day of the year, from heart-shaped candies to moonlit carriage rides. Sometimes we go all out for V-Day, indulging in romantic whims we keep secret the rest of the year. This day has become commercialized, for sure, but the heart of Valentine’s Day remains intact. It’s about romance, the kind everyone dreams about, the most of us don’t have on a daily basis. It’s about fantasy. Yet, like romance novels, our Valentine’s fantasies emerge out of genuine feeling.

I write the fantasy of romance, yes, but always grounded in real, human emotion. If my readers can’t identify with my characters or their plights, at least a little bit, then they won’t enjoy the romantic arc those characters take. Fantasy spiced with reality — that’s the recipe for living Valentine’s every day.

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