What It Means to be Elle Connor, Demon Hunter (Guest post by Tamela Miles + Review)

What It Means to be Elle Connor, Demon Hunter (Guest post by Tamela Miles + Review)

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Anna’s Review 5stars

I love paranormal romance and urban fantasy, so I was happy to get the chance to read Dark Deliverance by Tamela Miles. This book could qualify as either, but with its focus on the romantic relationship, this is most definitely a paranormal romance. I get annoyed with books marketed as romances that spend more time on other aspects of the story and neglect the relationship, but this one gives readers plenty of time to enjoy the developing bond between the hero and heroine.

Elle is a somewhat reluctant demon hunter, but she knows how to kick some demon butt too. Comparisons to Buffy the Vampire Slayer are inevitable with this type of female heroine, but unlike Buffy, Elle has no gang of good friends to watch her back. When she’s forced to team up with the angel Patrick, both of them resist their attraction for each other but sparks fly anyway. I loved that Patrick is a guitar-strumming angel with dreams of music stardom. This makes him seem all the more human and relatable. Elle is tough, but with a vulnerability that lets us get to know and care about her.

The romance builds slowly, in a way that makes perfect sense given the characters’ backgrounds and foibles. Elle and Patrick’s passion for each other heats up after some intense encounters with baddies, when they must rely on each other for support. The love scene is very sensual and full of emotion too, which I always love. Tamela Miles has crafted a fascinating world around the characters as well. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys paranormal romance with a good head of steam!

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What It Means to be Elle Connor, Demon Hunter

Guest post by Tamela Miles

  1. Pasadena, CA: This place is next to my home town of Altadena and I set a lot of my stories here. Elle has a special tie to the place, as this is where her first love, Brandon, hails from. Perfect place for holiday romance, with the annual Rose Parade and the traditional Christmas Tree Lane, located on Santa Rosa Ave. As a young girl, I lived for these holiday events!
  2. Angels: Elle always believed in guardian angels while growing up and is thrilled to discover that they are indeed real. There’s a lack of people who care a great deal about her welfare but she’s always searching for them. She doesn’t realize it at first, but her new partner -in -battle and hybrid angel, Patrick Holt may hold the key to her happiness and fulfillment.
  3. Demons and Scary Movies: Elle will probably never enjoy scary movies about demons again because dispatching them back to Hell has become her responsibility. As a teen, watching movies and reading books about evil creatures was a thrill but now it’s a chore that requires all of her focus.
  4. Trash TV and Chocolate: Some nights, after demon hunting, Elle needs a double dose of both. Jerry Springer and a box of bon bons, while she’s dressed in comfy sweatpants ? She’s in for the night and officially off-duty. She often wonders – “Who are these weird people who are guests on these trash tv shows? Where are they?”
  5. Black Stiletto Boots: Elle and her broken-in boots have a lot of mileage and battle scars but she won’t ever part with them. The boots – jet black, leather, sleek on her shapely legs, with a sharp, high heel. Hunting in style is an Elle thing.

“For truly we are all angels temporarily hiding as humans.”― Brian L. Weiss

About Dark Deliverance

sm-mediakit_bookcover_darkdeliveranceElle Connor’s life is as grim as she had always feared. Years of demon slaying have left her with nothing to show for her trouble. She’s convinced a “normal” life was never meant for her.

Patrick Holt wants nothing more than to be away from the holy wars and has lived quietly for years as an average human. The trouble is that he’s anything but average–he’s a fallen hybrid angel.

When Tagas the guardian angel pairs them up to investigate the brutal slayings of young women in Los Angeles, Elle wants nothing to do with Patrick. As Elle and Patrick begin to understand each other, irritation is forgotten and fiery passion ignites between them. “No ties” is how they both live, but Elle soon begins to long for much more. As they become sucked deeper into the mysterious killings, Elle fears that, in this battle, Hell will win.


Her full lips curved in a gentle smile. “I see what Tagas meant by your superior wisdom and experience. I didn’t mean to come across like a badass demon hunter who knows it all. You hunted demons long before I was even born.”

“So, now I’m old? Thanks.” He clicked off the phone and set it beside him on the seat.

Elle gave a chuckle. “Let’s just agree that you have a glorious past when it comes to slaying demons that has given you certain…um, insights into it that I don’t have.”

Elle watched his expression change, his eyes focusing intently on her as he smiled. Her heart began to beat a little faster. She wasn’t prepared to deal with this other, blatantly sensual part of Patrick in such close confines and moved to make more space between them. He moved with her until their shoulders touched.

“I have insights into many other things. Would you like to hear them, Elle?”

The heat of his glance and the softness of his tone made her hyperaware, her skin tingling. She cleared her throat nervously. “Sure, go ahead.”

Patrick’s gaze settled on her parted lips. “Most demon hunters I’ve known take sex where they can find it and never bother with love. They don’t want the responsibility that comes with loving someone else totally. I have lived like that for years, sex with no ties. You’re different from them, you have a softness. I have loved exactly one woman in my life, a human woman. She shared your same innocence of spirit, which drew me to her like a magnet.” He dragged a finger across Elle’s lips, and she let out a little gasp. Damn it, she didn’t want to be caught in his spell, but she couldn’t deny her attraction to him any longer. He leaned in closer, his lips an inch away from hers and spoke softly. “You draw me to you the same way, beautiful Elle.”

He placed his hand on the back of her neck, pulling her open mouth to his and devouring her. She didn’t stop him. He caressed her tongue with his own, tasting her for the first time. She loved the taste of him and leaned in, wanting more. She touched his face with gentle fingertips, and he covered her hand with his for a moment before cradling her head in his hands, deepening the kiss.

She sighed as his lips found the way to her neck, tilting her head back. She held on to his broad shoulders as he teased the shell of her ear with his tongue. She could hear how labored their breathing had become in the silence of their own little world in the back of the SUV. She knew that he wanted no ties and didn’t want any ties herself. She knew that the sting of his eventual rejection if they did have sex would still bother her. At the moment, she didn’t care. Regrets were for later.

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Tamela Miles is a California State University San Bernardino graduate student with a Bachelor of Science degree in Child Development and a former flight attendant. She grew up in Altadena, California in that tumultuous time known as the 1980s. She now resides with her family in the Inland Empire, CA. She’s a horror/paranormal romance writer mainly because it feels so good having her characters do bad things and, later, pondering what makes them so bad and why they can never seem to change their wicked ways.

She enjoys emails from people who like her work. In fact, she loves emails. She can be contacted at tamelamiles@yahoo.com or her Facebook page, Tamela Miles Books. She also welcomes reader reviews and enjoys the feedback from people who love to read as much as she does.

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