When Scotland Calls Your Name (post by Anna)

When Scotland Calls Your Name (post by Anna)

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When Scotland Calls Your Name

by Anna

September 4, 2015

Welcome to my brand-new blog, Spunk & Hunks! I’m excited to share with you my love of romance fiction, whether it be paranormal, contemporary, or any of other subgenre. I devour books in all romance subgenres, as well as other types of fiction. But romance remains my true love.

In my writing, I relish any chance to push the boundaries of my comfort zone and break into a new type of story. Though my romances thus far have been paranormal, last month The Wild Rose Press bought my contemporary erotic romance short story “Tempted by a Kiss,” and I just finished writing a similar story in novel-length form. I also have seed ideas for other types of romance. Since I love to include my fans in my writing process, recently I presented my newsletter subscribers with three seed ideas and invited them to vote for which one they most wanted to read. Two options tied for favorite—historical romance and Highland time travel romance. I broke the tie, choosing Highland time travel romance as my next novel-length project.

scotland-sonAround the same time, I joined Hearts Through History, a chapter of Romance Writers of America focused on historical romance. I also took Cindy Vallar’s excellent worshop on researching historical fiction. This led me to order via Amazon a used copy of the book Scotland: The Story of a Nation by Magnus Magnusson. Last week, I received the book and, anxious to kick-start my research, immediately flipped open the book. I discovered a strange surprise there.

Inscribed on the endpaper was my first name followed by the words “with love from Mom, April 2002.”

Now, this is exactly how my mother would inscribe a book she gave me as a gift. My mom never gave me this book, though, because I don’t sell gift books from loved ones (I’ve also never read this book before). Yet there it was, my name, written just how my mother would write it.

I found a bookmark inside too, from a bookstore in Georgia, but the store I bought it from via Amazon is in Baltimore, Maryland. The bookmark had a different name scrawled on it in pencil than the one in the inscription. I would imagine the mom who bought her daughter this book as a gift purchased a new copy, so this book has gone on quite the journey to reach me.

I’ve never subscribed much to the idea of fate, though I’ve experienced strange coincidences before that seemed a heck of a lot like they were meant to be. Does the universe want me to write a Highland time travel romance? Maybe, maybe not. But I will be writing a time travel romance, armed with the information from a book with my name on it.

Scotland is calling my name.

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